Wave of Light 2016

October is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. A time set aside to remember all babies that died during pregnancy or early infancy. October 15th is the specific day where many have special gatherings and activities to honor babies gone to soon. At 7pm in every time zone, there is a Wave of Light. This is for everyone around the world to light a candle for at least an hour in memory of their baby.

Every year I light at least one, if not several, candles in memory of my sweet Noah as well as many of my friends babies.

This year I chose to light some candles in front of a photo of Noah and I. I also displayed one of my Willow Tree figures with it as well. It depicts a mother holding her child.

Earlier in the evening I had taken my 3 youngest girls for a walk as the sun began to set. It was amazing to me to see how the sky was a beautiful shade of pink and blue, perfect for the day that is set aside to honor and remember our precious babies.

My sweet Noah, you are remembered, loved and missed every day.


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