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My oldest daughters are juniors this year in high school, so I admit I am still figuring out things with them. Such as looking past high school and helping them to plan their next steps for the future. I recently became familiar with CLEP and how it can save a lot of money down the road. Specifically, using SpeedyPrep, an online CLEP preparation subscription program designed to help you pass the exam. You can get a detailed view about SpeedyPrep by checking out their CLEP prep.
If you are like me, you are probably wondering what in the world is CLEP? It stands for College Level Examination Program. Basically, there are 33 subjects that a student could study for and take a test. If they pass the test, they earn a college credit for it and do not have to take that class in college. This ultimately saves both time and money. If you've ever priced out college credits, they can be expensive. A CLEP test only cost $80!!

SpeedyPrep is unique in that not only do they help prepare a student to take a CLEP exam, they guarantee the student will pass the test if they mastered at least 90% of the studied course and take the exam within 90 days of completing the prep course or you get your money back! That guarantee alone is not something you typically hear of.

There are a total of 33 courses a student can CLEP out of. SpeedyPrep offers 24 of these course to be studied. Before using this program, the student must have already completed the high school course as SpeedyPrep is not meant to teach a brand new subject.
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Each course has a detailed intro stating what specifically you need to know to pass the CLEP for that subject. SpeedyPrep even breaks it down and tells you the percentage of each concept and how much of it will be on the exam.

Once you click on a subject to be studied, you are then taken to a page where all the different concepts to that subject are broken down. You can choose to study a specific concept or choose to select all of them to be studied. If you do select all, don't get too worried when you see there are several hundred questions to go through!

Once you decide which concepts to study, you then go right to the first question. The questions are presented in a flash card style. You are asked a question and there is a space then to type in your answer.

Once you type in your answer, you click the button and find out if you answered correctly or not. If you didn't get it right, the correct answer is then shown along with a bit more information as to why that is the correct answer. Keep in mind, if you have the correct answer but misspelled it, it will still show as incorrect.

The idea is to answer the questions correctly in order to move the progress bar showing mastery of the subject. Questions that were answered wrong will again pop up. The idea is that repetitive exposure to the information will help the brain learn and retain it. The main focus of this program are the flash card questions but there are also short video clips for added study. It should be noted though, the videos do not advance the progress bar. They are simply an added support to the questions. 

I have been interested in going back to school for my nursing degree and the idea of being able to CLEP out of a few subjects would be wonderful! So I was the one who mainly used SpeedyPrep. I admit, being out of school for awhile has me a bit rusty so is taking me longer to get my progress bar to advance in Psychology.I have no doubt though that if I keep plugging away at it, I will continue to learn & feel confident in being able to pass the CLEP.

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