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It's hard to believe fall is around the corner. With that, there is Halloween and fall celebrations coming up. Along with the many fall festivals, are times of handing out goodies to kids. What if you were able to not only give kids a special treat but be able to share with them the special news about Jesus all at the same time? That is where Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract comes in. This unique Halloween tract is from Let the Little Children Come.

Let the Little Children Come provides a bunch of neat tools for sharing the gospel with children in unique but simple ways. The packet we received contained 20 pumpkins for us to assemble. They were easy enough to put together that my 6 year old could do it herself. It is a simple but sturdy, cardboard cut out that punches out easily. The petals all have a pre-cut slit that goes over top the 2 green stems to hold it all together. There is no need for tape or glue. It is small enough to be held in a child's small hands but big enough that it can hold several pieces of candy or a small treat.

Even though it is a small pumpkin, you can see what one simple piece of candy looks like inside. You can fill this up more than you realize!

The outside of the pumpkin simply says "Is there anything better than Jesus" to which you then open it up to not only reveal the treat inside but 6 colored petals. Each of the petals is numbered and walks a child through the simple gospel message about Jesus and how to ask Him into their heart. The last petal walks the child through a prayer to accept Jesus as their Savior. 

While I realize not everyone participates in Halloween, these gospel tracts could be used in a variety of ways during the fall season. They would be great to hand out at a fall festival or to use as favors at a party or gathering. The other ideas I had were to hand them out during a fair (around here, we have fall fairs and parades where many things are handed out.) They wouldn't have to be limited to children so what about handing them out at a nursing home or even a grocery store could gift these to young children that come in!

Overall, the quality of the pumpkins and the simple yet profound message make this a great way to share the news of the gospel and how to become saved!

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