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Now that I am starting over with teaching elementary age in our homeschool again, it's amazing to me how many new resources are out there compared to when I first started homeschooling 13 years ago. I was recently introduced to Let's Go Geography. They offer a neat and in depth homeschool and co-op program that spans a total of 3 years. We were given access to their first year of their geography program.

Let's Go Geography introduces one new country a week. The idea is that by the time you are done with the third year of this program, you should've gotten to learn and visit most of the countries on a world map. So far, we have studied 2 US regions as well as Canada, Haiti and we just started Nicaragua. Each week you receive an email stating what area you are studying with a link to take you to the online lesson.

Each lesson contains many pages of resources. There are links to PDF downloads, clickable links as well as links to YouTube videos. There are 6 sections for each country:

  • Map It
  • The Flag
  • The Music
  • Let's Explore
  • Create
  • Printables

At the beginning of the curriculum, it is recommended that each child have their own 3 ring binder to create their own travel journal. This would be the place to put all the print outs you do each week for each country.

The beginning of each lesson consists of some basic facts about that country. You go on then to color a map and flag of that country. There is also music to listen to which is typically the national anthem. There are a lot of clickable links that show you photos of where you are studying and even videos that you can watch. There are also crafts, coloring pages as well as notebooking pages that can be completed.

This is one of those type of programs that you can customize it to fit your family. You can do as little or as much as you want. It's also recommended to check out the library and include books on the country to dive deeper into learning about it.

Because Olivia is just in 1st grade, we kept it pretty simple right now. We would look up the country on a map and talk about the facts listed in the program. She also colored the map and flag. There is even a little passport you can make while using this program but I wanted to keep the printing out pages to a minimal amount right now. We enjoyed clicking on the different links to check out the videos. Sometimes we even looked up a few words online in the native language.

This type of program would be great for teaching multiple ages at one time because you can assign more work to the older ones while keeping it simple for the younger ones. It would also work well for in a co-op setting. One thing I found a little frustrating was that when you clicked on a link, it didn't open into a new tab. Then if you tried to click back, you got an error and had to log out and log back in again. I tried to make sure we right mouse clicked to open links in a new tab, but sometimes we forgot. This could be something easily fixed I'm sure on the webpage end of things and wouldn't stop me from further using this program.

While the program is recommended to follow the countries in a certain order, you could definitely jump around and choose your own order in what places you wanted to study. Just to keep things easy for me, we followed the weekly emails.

As summer winds down for us and we have more time to spend at the library, I do see us digging a little deeper in the weeks to come with this program and utilizing more of their resources.

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