Stuffed Crescent Roll Breakfast Pockets

I love playing around with and tweaking breakfast foods. In fact, we enjoy having breakfast for supper which is when I came up with this simple yet delicious recipe.

stuffed crescent roll breakfast pocket

I had some crescent rolls in my fridge I wanted to do something with. (on a side note, if you ever get these or other refrigerator rolls at a good price, stock up as you can just pop the whole can in the freezer to use down the road!)

I decided to make an egg, sausage and cheese breakfast pocket. It's not really a sandwich since it's all enclosed. So I call it a pocket, ha!

I made a double batch figuring leftovers would make a quick and easy breakfast or lunch in the following days. I scrambled up about 8 large eggs, seasoning with salt & pepper then I threw in a bunch of of shredded cheese to melt.

I let the eggs cool slightly while I open up and separated the crescent roll triangles. I then put a spoonful of eggs on the dough and laid on top of it an already cooked sausage link that was warm.

I then rolled it all together and pinched all the ends close sealing it up. They don't exactly look pretty at this point, the goal is simply to seal all the open ends whatever that takes.

I placed them all on a greased cookie sheet and baked at 350 for about 20 minutes, or until they are golden brown.

I'm telling ya, these things are awesome!!! My kids devoured them in no time. I did have several leftover and they reheated easily (either in the toaster oven for a crunchier roll or microwave). I imagine they would freeze well but I never had the chance to try it out as my kiddos finished them in a matter of a day.

A view of what the inside of the pocket looks like after being cooked. We served it along side of hash browns!

I used 2 tubes of crescent rolls, 8 large eggs, a handful of cheese and 16 sausage links.

Do you like to eat breakfast for supper? What is your favorite breakfast meal?


  1. These look a lot better than the nasty hot pockets I used to feed my poor boys. ;-) Pinning!

    1. True! At least with these you know what all is in them. One of these days I may attempt a homemade crescent roll even. ;)

  2. Those look like a breakfast my whole family would enjoy.


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