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Progeny Press is definitely a well known resource in our house. They are one of our favorite literature guides to use. The offer a wide variety of study guides for all ages. We were recently given The Silver Chair E-Guide.

The E-Guide goes along with the book The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. This book is part of the classic Narnia series. Keep in mind, the actual book is not included with the guide but it easy enough to obtain either from Progeny Press or the library. The suggested grade level is 5th to 7th grade. Since my son loves the Narnia series and has read through them before, he thought he would enjoy doing this study guide.

While Progeny Press offers a study guide in book form that you can receive in the mail, the benefit of the E-Guide is that you can download it right away (they also offer it on CD). Not only that but because this is an interactive guide, the student can type the answers directly onto the E-Guide and can then hit "save" to keep track of their progress. This is a great way for the student to work on their typing skills! Or if your student prefers paper and pencil, you could print out the guide and hole punch it to place in a 3 ring binder. My son preferred to just use it on the computer. (note though, make sure you hit SAVE so you don't lose your work!)

The Study Guide starts out with a note to the instructor on how to use it. It then goes into a synopsis of what the book is about. There are also pre-reading activities the student can do before diving into the book. One of their suggestions is that the book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader should be read before reading The Silver Chair. While there are several activities listed, you wouldn't have to complete them all.

The Study Guide is broken down into groups of chapters together. The guide takes roughly 8-10 weeks to complete if the student works on one section a week. Each sections includes vocabulary, questions about what they read, thinking about the story, and a dig deeper section. Each section ends with optional activities that could be completed.

Erik worked on one section a week. He really enjoys using the interactive guide as it means less writing for him and more chance to practice his typing skills. This wasn't his first time using Progeny Press. He really likes the thought provoking questions that helps him think about what he reads. And the ease of use is a bonus!

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