Fall is definitely in the air. I went out at daybreak for a 3 mile run. The cool 56 degrees felt nice to run in compared to the humid days I had been running in. I got to watch the sunrise as I ran which really got my day off to a good start. It made me think that if the sunrise I see is that beautiful, just how even more beautiful Heaven must look to Noah.

On Tuesday, Noah was 8wks old & Michele's Hezekiah was 8 months old. Michele & her kiddos went to Hezekiah's grave to release balloons and notes to him. They even included a balloon and note to both Noah & Olivia and took pictures to share with us. It was so sweet of them to remember our kiddos also and really meant a lot to me!!!

It made me realize that to all of our kids, doing things like this to remember their siblings is their new way of life. My kids are constantly writing letters and making cards for Noah. They even talk about dying and wondering who will get to see Noah first. To them, it's not morbid, this is just how things are now. Kids have a different way of seeing life than we do and are very candid in expressing that.

I'm still having a lot of insomnia. I've always had an issue with it, but some nights lately it seems worse than usual. The doctor gave me some samples of a sleeping med since the OTC stuff doesn't work for me. I finally caved the other night & took one after barely sleeping for a few nights. It was nice to finally get a semi-decent night of sleep. Of course, the following night I think my body decided to pay me back for making it sleep and I barely slept once again. Ah well...

I ended today by going for a bike ride and watching the sun set. I just needed the alone time. Again, just like the sunrise this morning, the sun set over the farmland was also beautiful. I'm glad I took the time to see both today. How many times do we rush through our days, never taking the time to slow down, look around and reflect on God & His creation? Noah has given me a whole new outlook and appreciation on life, that's for sure!!

Oh and if you think all this exercise today will help me sleep, nope. lol But I'm used to it!

*the first picture I snapped at sunrise, the 2nd picture I took at sunset.

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