11 years ago today I officially became a mom when my twins, Sarah & Susan were born. I can hardly believe they are 11 now!!! For those that don't know, I was planning a homebirth (just like Noah). But at 36wks the midwife said as she was palapting my belly, trying to figure out the position of the baby, that either something was wrong or there was more than one baby in there (again, eerily similar to Noah whose diagnosis was found at 33wks). I feared the worse, but after an ultrasound, we were plesantly surprised to discover 2 babies were hiding in my (tiny) belly. There went my homebirth!!! ha

They were miracles and proved the doctors wrong, much like Noah. I was barely 100lbs when I got pregnant with them and only gained 25lbs. They actually had to be induced as I was miserable and HUGE at the end. They weight 5lbs 6 oz (Sarah) & 6lbs 2oz (Susan), both 19" long. I was literally all baby. And for not having prenatal care for multiples, they were certainly healthier & bigger than anyone expected!!!!

Nothing like being thrown into motherhood with not 1 but 2 babies!!!

Here is a picture of them as newborns in the hospital sharing a bassinet: (look at that HAIR!!! I called them my little monkeys!)

And here is a picture of them tonight as they sat together to open gifts:

Wow.....where does time go? Can't help but realize Noah is missing tonight as we celebrated. Just not the same without you little buddy!!!! It was on their birthday last year I started suspecting I might be pregnant. Seems just like yesterday......


  1. Wow, beautiful girls! They grow too fast. My boy/girl twins will be 2 y/o in a two weeks. Crazy!

    I have to ask. How did they miss twins till 36 wks?! Didn't you have the normal u/s that is at least done around 20 wks? I can't imagine that surprise!!

  2. Thanks Jessica! :) I was actually seeing a midwife and was planning a homebirth. A lot of midwives around here don't order u/s unless they feel they are needed. That's how the twins were missed until so late.

  3. Your girls are absolutely beautiful! I found your blog because I am cruising with you in a few weeks.

  4. Thanks Patty!! :) I look forward to chatting with you soon on the cruise!


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