Nevaeh Hope

Last weekend our kids & their friends came across a tiny orphaned kitten. We never really thought we'd get a kitten since our dog Jack is scared of his shadow & anything that moves. But we all fell in love instantly with this sweet little girl. She cuddled right up in the kids arms and they begged to keep her.
So with the kitty curled up in my sweatshirt pocket, we headed to walmart & stocked up on kitty supplies. Since they found her in a mill, she needed a bath. So I gave her a warm bath with baby wash. She did SOO good!!! For the first several days, we warmed special kitten formula to feed her (and we had to feed her every 3hrs, so she came with us everywhere!) and eventually weaned her onto dry kitten food.

Based on her size we estimated her around 4wks old or so. For the first few days, the kids kept her swaddled up in a little blanket. She loved it. Jack was so curious for the first 2 days, he followed her or anyone who held her all over the place. Which is so unusual for him. He is normally such a big baby & scared of everything.

It took several days for the kids to come up with a name for her. We tossed around several ideas but they settled on "Hope". I said that I felt her full name should be Navaeh (ne-vA-uh) Hope. Nevaeh is Heaven is spelled backwards. This special kitty fell into our laps and needed us as much as we needed her. "Hope in Heaven" is what her and her name mean to us.

She has been such an amazing fit for our family. Jack is becoming more used to her. He will allow her to come over to him and bat at him for a little bit before getting up and moving away from her. She has no fear of him at all (and he's HUGE!) She will follow him around and even tries to eat/drink out of his dishes when he is eating & drinking water. It looks so cute. It cracks us up how she will go look at him when he's laying down, then she backs up, squats down & pounces on him. He just sits there & takes it.
Hope can be jumping around, running, carrying on, etc. But the second we pick her up and swaddle her, she passes out asleep in seconds. It's so sweet!!! Here she is a few minutes after I swaddled her the other night in my arms....

Here is Jack checking out Hope curling up next to him. I have a feeling these 2 will become extremely close in the coming weeks!!!!

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