Asking for prayer

I know many of you have been such great prayer warriors for myself and other moms like myself so I wanted to ask for prayer for my friend Renee. Her and her family (husband and 2 kids ages 12 & 5) are facing a journey like what we've been on with Noah. Their precious daughter Celeste was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome. They are due to meet her this Saturday, the 14th via c-section (8:30am EST).

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers, that Renee's c/s will go smoothly and that she won't have any of the common side effects from a c/s so she can remain alert, pray that they can hear their daughters cry and be given the gift of time with Celeste as the Dr's said she won't have much time. I know first hand how Dr's can be wrong as we have a greater Physician who is ultimately in charge!

Also keep in prayer another mom I have been getting to know after she found my blog. Naomi and her family are grieving the death of their sweet baby girl Lily Hope who passed away this past Saturday. They have 5 other children similar ages as mine. She too had received a fatal prenatal diagnosis.

My heart aches for both of these families as I know all too well what they are feeling and there are just no words to describe it! Praying for you Renee & Naomi that God will hold your families close as you journey down the roads placed before you. {{{hugs}}}


  1. Yes I will pray for Renee and Naomi! DO they have blogs so I can drop them a line of encouragement? We so need each other on this hard journey. I know some resource if they are looking for stuff to create a memory box. That is helpful to me. I will be praying.

  2. Thank you, Jenn, for the call to prayer for our family. Tesha, no, I am not a blogget, but, you can email me at I've seen on some of Jenn's blogs that you have recently lost a little one...and I have prayed for you too. I will be praying for Naomi and family too.


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