Sufficient Grace Ministries Auction

I don't remember how I came across Sufficient Grace Ministries but I remember it was sometime after Noah died. I was thankful to have found a Christian ministry that supported baby loss moms and to whom I could really relate to. Their posts were encouraging and just what I needed (and still do!) They even sent me a baby book to record memories of Noah in. 

Which is why I wanted to share with you the auction they have going on for 2 days to help raise money so they can continue to support moms like myself. I won a few things last year and hope to win a few things again this year. Feel free to hop over here and check out all the neat things they have up for bid (150 items so far). There is a more detailed explanation over there on just how it all works. And if any of you are in the Ohio area, they have a few things like photoshoots and a airplane tour up for bid as well!

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  1. Great reminder I just added it to my post for today!!!! I just love this ministry.


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