Regrowing Celery

Like many people lately, I too have hit Pinterest in search of some new ideas for recipes, crafts and of course my garden. I started my garden a month ago since we've had such warmer than normal temps.  We expanded it yet again this year and added a second row of strawberries (plus all the other million things I put in). The last few years I've been blessed to be able to sell some of our produce to a local restaurant and grocery store plus providing plenty for our family and extras to give away.

One new thing I read about on Pinterest was regrowing celery. Basically you cut off the bottom few inches off your store bought celery, and if you aren't ready to plant it, just place the bottom of it in a dish of water. I figured why not give it a try, after all, I'd just be throwing it away anyway.

So each time I had some celery in my fridge, I cut the bottoms off and placed them in water until I had time to plant them. The following pictures show you just what happened to my celery. I took them outside to snap pics right before I planted them.

This is what the celery looked like freshly trimmed.

 This is what it looked like about 4 days after being cut & placed in the water.

 This is what the celery looked like 2 wks after being placed in water. If you look at the center, you can see fresh new stalks growing.

After I planted these, I have continued to add more celery bottoms to my garden & they all are doing well. What a simple, inexpensive way to "repurpose" your store bought celery!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Wow who Knew? Not me, thanks for the cool tip my kids will love to try this!

  2. I had no idea! I'm going to try this! Here from the HSV Garden Challenge!

  3. I saw that on Pintrest too and had to give it a try. Like you I figured I had nothing to loose & now I'm excited to have garden fresh celery this fall! :D


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