Update on Renee's family

Thank you to so many of you who have been keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers. Renee called me yesterday afternoon with an update.

They were pleasantly surprised that their baby came out a little BOY!!! (they had been told a girl but due to the condition, Dr's weren't 100%).

Weston Aidan made his grand appearance at 8:10am CST. He weighed 3lbs 2 oz and was 16" (he was 5wks early). The family got to experience eyes open, noises, his little fingers grasping theirs, etc. Weston went home to Jesus at 10:45am CST.

Blessed my heart how Renee told Weston about Noah waiting for him. I have no doubt Weston gave Noah a special "high 5" when he saw him yesterday. Ironically, Noah & Weston share the homegoing date of the "14th", yet another neat bond between Renee & I (one of many!)

We received a special sign from Noah yesterday, gave us chills but I have no doubt there was a reason. Maybe sometime I'll elaborate more on it.

Please continue to keep this dear family in your thoughts and prayers. Renee has the added difficulty of recovering from a c-section ontop of all the emotional things to face.

We look forward to meeting Renee's family in June and are thankful to have been blessed with this sweet family's friendship! Until then Renee, we continue to send you our virtual hugs & prayers!! <3


  1. Yes I will continue to pray I know the path ahead is difficult but possible with Jesus

  2. Wow Jenn that is so special! Will pray for her! Love you <3

  3. Thank you, Jenn. You'll never know just how thankful I am that God allowed our paths to cross. <3


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