VocabularySpellingCity is something we've been using off and on for a few years to work on the kids spelling lists. Except we were only using the free portion of the program at times. Recently, we were given the VocabularySpellingCIty premium membership to review. I always liked what we saw in the free edition but I'll tell you what, everything that is included in the premium membership is awesome and so very worthwhile!

There are many ways to use this program. They have 42,000 words you can use for spelling words to import into lists or you can put your own in. I also want to note, if you input lists while having the premium membership, then let your membership fall to the wayside, if you come back to a premium membership again, guess what? All those lists you entered before will still be there!!!! (yes, I can attest to this first hand! How awesome is that feature!)

 We have a program of words we were already using when given this membership so we decided to continue using those. It's so easy to create your own lists that I had the kids type their own in (I checked them to make sure the spelling was correct before saving them). They thought it was great being able to set up their own lists and it started the learning process from the very beginning.

There are so many ways the kids can use this program. Teach Me which pronounces the word out loud & spells it, Play A Game section which has several fun games to play.

There are also Flash Cards, Spelling Tests and Vocabulary Tests. 

There are even handwriting worksheets you can print out and all the games are printable as well (or you can do them right on the computer). As if that wasn't enough, they also have a free iPhone & iPad app making this program great for on the go. Plus, if you have multiple kids using this program, being able to spread them out amongst different media devices, makes it easier for them to get their daily work done.

Check out the above photo!!! This program is so much more than a basic vocabulary & spelling program! How neat is it that they can incorporate their words for sentence structure testing as well.

VocabularySpellingCity also offer wonderful teacher resources such as training videos, even math, science & social studies vocabulary lists. The best part (for mom), this program automatically scores and keeps track of each student's records and progress. I also appreciated the fact that I go could into the program in advance and give my kids assignments individually. They each had their own login page so once they got to their page, they could see what I assigned & complete it on their own without me hovering over them keeping track.

This program is perfect for all ages! From K-12 grade. You can plug in words for not only daily spelling but words for them to learn the definitions, for example like science or other subjects. My older kids used this to put in their science words to help them learn the meaning of the words. They found they were able to learn them easier by using this program and playing the games than if they had just repetitively read the words over & over. If your kids are learning the state & capitals, you could input that info to help them learn! The ways you can utilize this program are endless!!! Your students can enter words to help them study for the SAT's as they would learn both spelling & the vocabulary at the same time.

My girls in particular said they enjoyed the variety of ways they can learn using this program. They said "it's not boring like just writing out words over and over". They enjoy the games and interaction they had using this and I felt it helped them retain the spellings and meanings a lot more than just writing words out.

The cost for a family (up to 5 students) is $29.99 a year. For classrooms up to 25 students, the cost is $49.99 a year. This is a program that we definitely recommend and is worth the nominal cost.


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