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Many of the things we get to review are for my kids (which they love!) So I was excited when I was recently given the chance to review something just for ME!! I have had the same Bible since I was about 8 years old. I've often wanted to get a new one but was never sure which one to get. I had actually never heard of the Homeschool Mom's Bible from Zondervan until it came up for review so I was thrilled with the chance to get my own copy!

The Homeschool Mom's Bible comes in either the NIV or KJV version. I chose the NIV as the Bible I already had was KJV and I wanted something a bit easier to understand. This Bible has a hardcover with a slipcover on top. The pages are your typical thin, smooth pages that many Bibles have.

In the front of the Bible, there is a list of the books of the Bible listed in order as well as alphabetical order. After that, there is a foreward written by Vicky Farris who is the wife of Dr Michael Farris, the founder of HSLDA. She shares how she knows what it's like at this time of a busy, homeschooling moms life and encourages us to let the laundry wait & get into God's word. 

Following her foreward is information about Alpha Omega publishing as well info about the author of the devotionals, Janet Tatman, who is a veteran homeschool mom. She worked for Alpha Omega publishing writing devotions for the Daily Focus which is where the devotions for this Bible came from.

My favorite part of this Bible is the 365 daily devotions spread throughout all the books of the Bible. Each devotions lists the date, a verse of scripture that ties into the subject of the devotion, then it has an easy to read devotional that is a page or less followed by a prayer at the end tying everything together that you just read. The devotions are written specifically for a homeschool mom and deals with many of the things we may face on a daily basis. I loved how down to earth and relatable the devotions were. I found myself nodding my head and encouraged as I read through each devotion.

I typically chose the morning to have my quiet time & used the devotions from this Bible following the dates that were given. If you are reading through the whole Bible, you could just read each devotion as it comes up. Some of the topics Janet touches on in the devotions are:

-facing new challenges in homeschooling
-trusting God & giving him control in our homeschool endeavors
-choosing wisely when it comes to curriculum

In the back of the Bible, there is a topical index that lists many topics with scripture to look up. I always appreciate the aspect of having this to reference as I like to find specific verses to relate to a specific situation or feeling.

Overall, I think this is a great Bible for homeschool moms and I look forward to reading through more of the devotions in the coming weeks and months.

The Homeschool Mom's Bible is available for $34.99.

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