Guest Post!

Morning everyone! Just wanted to quick let you know to go over and check out Lori's blog, At The Fence, where she so graciously asked me to guest post. She hosts "Meeting Mondays" so go check out the little bit I shared! :-) Later today, I'll share some more "Money-Saving Monday" tips!

~My ability to handle lifes storms rests upon my ability to give them to God~


  1. Congratulations on your soon to be baby! :) and what a touching story about Noah...I couldn't read all of it because I am super sensitive and I would cry for hours (no joke). My first pregnancy was an emotional one as the doctors said that my daughter had many markers indicating signs of possible genetic problems, such as Trisome 18 / Down Syndrome / Cystic Fibrosis... but she was born healthy.

  2. So glad to 'meet' you At the Fence. I haven't walked your mile, but I have a son with Autism. So I walk some of the same paths in different fitting shoes. Glad to meet you and praying for God's best!


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