Money Saving Monday

Hey friends, so sorry I missed last week with money saving tips. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

Two weeks ago I shared how having a garden can cut down on grocery costs and I also shared with you my laundry soap recipe.

This weeks tip is going to be a short one (again, it's been crazy busy here). But I am sharing with you one of the greatest cleaning recipes ever!

This recipe is awesome for cleaning all over the house. From counters, to bathrooms to removing stains on clothing and everything in between!!!

Seriously, this is ALL I use anymore to clean. I used to be a cleaning snob when it came to my bathrooms and the one thing I'd pay full price for and get name brand was scrubbing bubbles for the tub & shower. I was sure this was the only thing to remove soap scum.

I was wrong.

I still had to scrub a bit even after applying scrubbing bubbles. That is, until I discovered this awesome concoction! Seriously this stuff is amazing! I spray my entire shower down with it and let it set at least 20 minutes. Then I come back and spray it again and let it set for a few minutes. It then effortlessly cleans up like you wouldn't believe. WAY better than my scrubbing bubbles ever did! AND it's SOOO cheap and  less chemicals to deal with as well! Win win!!! (I was tempted to take a before & after shower pic but decided to spare you lol. I have 3 full bathrooms so shower cleaning isn't on the top of my daily list sadly)

So what is this miracle cleaning & stain spray??

Are you ready for how simple this is??

Vinegar & dish soap......that's IT!!!

money saving ideas
There are no cats used in the making of this recipe.

Apparently Oreo thought he had to make an appearance as I took this pic. lol Anyway, the recipe is super easy.

Equal parts vinegar & "dawn" dish soap. Reason I quoted that is because I have often actually used walmarts  generic version of this soap, as long as it's the blue kind (I only have dawn right now due to some great deals I've gotten). I heat up the vinegar for about a minute in the microwave before adding the soap just to make sure it blends well. If you've never researched how healthy vinegar is, I'd encourage you to research it. It's amazing what you can do with it! And if you don't like the smell of vinegar, just add a few drops of essential oil to the mix for a more pleasant smell.

But from there, just blend the 2 things in a spray bottle. Use it to disinfect your kitchen counters, sprinkle some baking soda in your sink then spray this to scrub out your sink, spray it on tough stains on clothes (I've seriously removed stains that I thought was set and a gonner with this stuff).

Between this cheap cleaner/stainer remover and my laundry soap, talk about cutting major costs yet being extremely efficient!!!! 

Don't forget, if you have a great money saving tip, please email me! I'll be happy to share it with everyone in a future money saving post!


  1. Awesome tip! I love using vinegar to clean with... it is SO much better than all those expensive and dangerous chemicals!

  2. I've often used vinegar and/or baking soda for cleaning, but never added dish soap to the vinegar... sounds like something I need to try!

  3. We have VERY hard water and you're right vinegar is the wonder cleaner! I'm always spraying around the kitchen and bath to clean.

    It also works great to mop the floor.


  4. Oreo gives the picture some class. It's not just a picture of some cleaning supplies, it's a picture of a cat who almost looks like he's wearing a tux and there just so happens to be some cleaning supplies in the way of having his picture taken.


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