A friend of mine recently gave me a gift of some Scentsy products. Before this, I had never tried any. I do have to say I am loving my warmer & scents that I have (and there's a ton of them you can choose from!)

While there are more products than just these bars, I only have experience so far with them. I have to say I love the fact that each little square you see last 10 hours in the warmer. And there are 8 to a pack, so for $5, you have 80 hours of scent. I turn mine on for a bit, smell up the house, then turn it off and the scent lingers for quite awhile.

I decided to hold an online Scentsy party since I am really digging these right now. So I invite you all to check out my party, and if you see something you like, you are welcome to purchase directly through my party link.  My party close January 30th. Thank you in advance if you do make a purchase! 

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  1. I LOVE Scentsy!! I heard people talk about them but until I won one I never tried it. I am a huge fan now. :)


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