2 1/2 and 1 1/2

Where has the time gone?? Today Noah is 2 1/2 and Olivia is 1 1/2.

Dear Noah,
I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 years since your miraculous birth! Some days it feels like it was just yesterday we held our breath as you came out, wondering if you were alive or not. Listening to your cry & seeing you move on video tape still gives us chills! On the other hand, I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 long years since I held your warm body against mine, soaking in every detail of you.

Most days as I go about my daily activities, I catch myself wondering what you'd be like today. I wonder if you'd be potty trained by now as Erik was by his 2nd birthday. I wonder how much you would be talking and if you'd have any cute mispronounced words you'd say. As I see Olivia exploring her world, I wonder just how much trouble the two of you would be getting into together!

Oh the things I've missed these last 2 1/2 years......all the hugs & slobbery kisses, being able to wipe away your tears, hearing you say "mommy" and all the other million things I've missed out on. There are days when the tears come & the ache hits even stronger from how much I miss you, it still takes my breath away!

I wish I could get a glimpse into what your life in Heaven is like. While it hurts each passing day that takes me further from when you were here, I know that each day brings me closer to seeing you again! Oh what a glorious reunion we will have, never to be separated again!!!

I love you so very much Noah and am SO thankful God made me your mommy!! You've made such an impact on so many and have made me very proud!


Dear Olivia,

Wow, you are 1 1/2 already!!! Though to look at you, you are the size of a 3-6 month old (yes that's the size clothes you are finally wearing) yet you act like you are several years old!!  You have such a sweet personality and are such a comedian! You love making us laugh.

You are saying several words, my favorite being the way you are saying moooommy in a sing-song voice, too cute! You are starting to make several cute animal sounds. One of your favorite games right now is to play Just Dance on the Wii. You love getting the remote & start dancing to tell us you want to play. The song called "Wild Wild West" on the game you have named "Wa Wa Wah". What's even funnier is you are starting to actually score on the game, you sure do pick up on things fast!

You've been helping us with little chores around house like putting things away or pushing the chair up to the sink when we do dishes so you can "help" put the clean ones in to dry. You love to get on the computer to watch your favorite Elmo songs and it's so adorable the way you insist on holding the laptop on your lap.

When it's time for nap or bed, you wave & "nigh-nigh" to everyone while blowing kisses, sometimes you even walk back to your room yourself. You still cuddle up with one or 2 animals to sleep with. Some mornings when you wake up, you want to hold Noah's bear before even leaving your room. Oh how that melts my heart! I wish your big brother was here as I think the 2 of you would be the best of friends.

I'm so thankful for your tender heart at even such a young age. The moments I have tears from missing Noah, you seem to know and you just cuddle me & give me kisses and let me hold you as long as I need to. I'm so greatful God has blessed us with you, our own rainbow in the midst of a storm, reminding us of God's promises. Because of Noah, we know to cherish each milestone you reach, each smile you give us, and yes, even the times you need extra snuggling in the middle of the night. Each precious minute you are here is a gift and one that we won't take for granted.

I love you my sweet girl and am so thankful for you!!!



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