Thank You!

A huge thank you to so many of you who celebrated Noah & Olivia's birthdays earlier this month with us. We really appreciated the messages, thoughts, and prayers. Not only do we celebrate both their birthdays on the 13th but we also remember Noah's home-going which was the 14th. July is a bittersweet month but knowing there are others walking alongside of us really helps!

We LOVED all the name photos many of you took the time to send us!! It was so neat to see all the creativity. Thank you again to each of you who took the time to spell Noah's name. If you didn't have a chance to write Noah's name, we welcome photos any time! It's always a blessing to unexpectedly receive a photo to add to his name album.

These are just a few of the photos we were sent. You can see more of the photos here.

We went to Noah's grave on his and Olivia's birthday. Olivia released a balloon with a note to him and we left the other one at his grave.

Of course we had a birthday cake for both of them. This year the kids made it as I didn't have time to make elaborate cakes like I have in the past. (that's just what happens when you have a wee baby that doesn't nap & wants to nurse all the time!

I can't believe these sweet kiddos are 6 & 5 years old already!  Love you Olivia and Noah!!!

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