My kindergartner has been so excited to start school like her big siblings. She recently got the chance to review Homeschool Membership from CTCMath. I had been contemplating what I wanted to use for her math curriculum this year so this was perfect timing for us. In fact, we reviewed CTCMath a few years ago but we had concentrated on the older levels so this time we had the chance to dig into the Kindergarten level.


CTCMath is a comprehensive online math tutoring program. This program was founded by Australian math teacher Pat Murray and has been used by children all over the world. He has over 1,300 lessons and teaches them in short videos, averaging 2-9 minutes. The lessons are presented with step by step instructions, making it easy for the student to understand. Because each each lesson is short and concise, the student is better able to remember what they learned.

What sets CTCMath apart from other math curriculum is the ability for the student to rewind each video to rewatch it until they understand what is being taught. This math program is self paced so the student only moves on to the next lesson once they feel confident in what they have currently learned. Another quality that makes CTCMath different is the fact that Pat Murray writes and narrates all the lessons from Kindergarten through 12th grade so students have consistency in the same method of teaching.

CTCMath is full math program for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade and a supplemental program for 9th through 12th grade. The Homeschool Membership is good for up to 10 students with the ability to access each and every grade level.

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Setting up a students account is quite simple. Each student is given their own username and password. Once they log in, they can select which grade level, or subject for high school, that they want to work on. If they want to, they can complete a short, standard, or comprehensive diagnostic test before working on a lesson. But this isn't required. 

From there, the student clicks on a lesson and watches the short video. After the video, there are questions to answer pertaining to the lesson they just watched. They can either do them automatically online or they can print the worksheet out then enter the answers online. The program automatically grades their answers and also provides instant feedback for the student to see what they got right or wrong. As the student works through the different lessons, there are awards to earn and even certificates the parent can print out. Another neat little feature is that the student can customize the color of their page. Just another way to let the student make this program their own!

In addition to all the resources for the student, there is a whole area for parents! This section really got an upgrade since the last time we reviewed this program. The parent has their own log in and dashboard. The dashboard shows each student's own account, how many lessons they've completed, when they logged in and what they completed when, as well as their rewards and weekly reports. You also have the ability to set what your child needs in order to pass each quiz (such as they need 80% to pass).

 The parent also has the ability to assign tasks and put a due date on it so when the student logs in, they see the specific tasks they have to complete. So say your child just needs some extra practice on certain lessons and not others, you could just assign to them those specific tasks to complete. (Because this section shows our last names all over the place is why I am unable to share a screen shot). But trust me, it's very comprehensive but user-friendly!

You can also receive weekly emails detailing your students progress for the previous week. This comes in handy especially if you have older students who work independently as you don't always see their daily work.

We used CTCMath this time around for my Kindergartner. I sat with her to do the lessons (though I probably won't need to do that but for the sake of the review I did.) She watched a short lesson then we clicked on the questions section. She could audibly listen to the instructions by clicking on the "sound" symbol. I am thankful this was added since last time as she wasn't able to read the instructions. Some of the answers required her to use the mouse to click on pictures and sometimes she had to use the number keys to enter a number. She had no problem doing both, though sometimes I had her point to the pictures and I clicked on them to help us get through the lesson faster.

If we couldn't complete the questions in one sitting, it would automatically save where we left off which is a huge plus (because let's face it, interruptions DO happen!)

My daughter enjoyed the colorful pictures and simple instructions. I liked how easy it was for me to set up and that the program keeps track of her grades. We plan to use this for her math curriculum this year and my older children plan to use it as a supplement to help them on concepts they need extra practice with.

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