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Have you ever heard of a puzzle that is contained in a closed cylinder? A puzzle where you can NOT lose any of the pieces? Neither had I until recently when we were given the chance to try out FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC.

FlipStir Puzzle

FlipStir Puzzle is a 10 piece, 3-D puzzle that is self-contained in a small, see through, round tube. The name of the product describes it perfectly! You have to "flip" and "stir" the pieces to put the puzzle together. There are 2 levels of puzzles. One level has flat sides which is the easier version. Level 2 has wavy sides making it more challenging to get the pieces in  place. We chose a level 2 Statue of Liberty to solve.

I know, a 10 piece puzzle doesn't sound hard but let me tell you, it takes patience to put it together. Because a lot of the pieces look similar in color, you have to try to figure out which order the pieces go in. Then you have to manipulate the pieces to get them in just right, all by using a wand that has a small, flat hook on the end. This allows you to "hook" the pieces to drag them where you want them. Here's a hint, you can tell which piece is the top & bottom pieces as they are the only pieces that have one flat side and one wavy side.

The box the puzzle comes in shows a photo of the completed puzzle. There is also a small photo on the bottom of the FlipStir Puzzle. So far, there are a total of 4 puzzles, 2 on each levels to chose from.

My son was the main person who solved the puzzle. The first time he got it together in about 20 minutes. From there, he set out to try and beat his time each time he put it together. I think the last time he solved it, he was down to getting it together in 10 minutes! He definitely got the knack down of just the right way to use the wand and move the pieces. He said the key to shaking up the pieces while keeping the rest in place is to push the wand down on top of the stack to hold them in place while the other pieces shift.

The fact that this puzzle is small and enclosed makes it perfect for traveling. We took it camping with us and it was nice not having to worry about losing pieces. It was fun to pass around the campfire seeing who could solve the puzzle the fastest! It would also make a great gift as it's something unique!

Here is a video of my son showing how to use the wand to work the puzzle pieces

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
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