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Olivia enjoys using computer programs for some of her learning so she was excited to try out and review a new program, Talking Shapes: A Supplemental Curriculum for Early Literacy from the company Talking Fingers Inc.

While Talking Shapes has an app, they recently came out with a web based version to use on the computer. Ideally it is meant for a computer that utilizes a touch screen though a child can use a mouse as well.

Talking Shapes is a program geared for 4-5 year olds who are just learning about letters and how they form words. The premise behind it is that 2 sisters wanted a way to be able to record words so they invented the alphabet. They use pictures to show how the letter not only corresponds with a photo but also takes on the shape of a certain object.

There are a series of 7 books for the child to work through. In each book the child is introduced to new sounds. They use a multi-sensory approach in teaching the letters and sounds. The program reads a story to the child and also explains and says how the letters sound.

 The child then has the chance to trace and write the letter. Since we don't have a touch screen on our computer, my daughter used the mouse. It's more of a coloring in of the letter rather than an exact tracing of the letter because if they don't get each block colored it, they can't advance.

After being introduced to the letter sounds and shapes, the next part of the program has the child making 3 letter CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

They are given a word to spell and have to find the first letter "shape" to drag and drop into the box. Then they trace the shape to show the letter. Next they drag and drop the second letter and trace that one as well. Then they need to blend the 2 sounds/letters together before they can drop the third letter into place.

There are also games at the end of each story that help the child practice what they just learned. 

You can stop anywhere in the program and Talking Shapes will bring you back to where your child last left off. Also if you wanted to go back to the main menu and practice something that you have already worked through, you can click on the little building in the upper right hand corner. 

While my daughter has no problem using a mouse, it did present as a bit challenging in this program so I would have her trace the letters with her fingers while I filled in the letter for her. The program was slow to load on the computer so I would pull it up then let her know when it was ready so she didn't get antsy. I think the overall idea of this program is great, especially for a child who had no knowledge of letters or sounds. Olivia already knew her letters and sounds so this just help reinforce what she knew. I do believe we would've rather used it on the iPad where she could've used a stylus or her finger for the letter tracing part.

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