Back to (Home)School Traditions

I don't know about you but our summer break flew by! I guess between having a new baby, kids working, camping, and just every day life happening, time got away.

My kids look forward to getting back into the grind of school work. Slightly odd I know! I think part of it is the new school books and supplies and knowing they will get to see friends weekly at co-op.

We don't have any huge back-to-school traditions but there are a few things we seem to do this time each year. Shopping together for school supplies is one of them. We don't need a ton of things but we do stock up on the $.17 notebooks, glue, crayons, pencils, basically the stuff that gets used up each year. The kids all pick out the colors of notebooks they want.

5 Days of Homeschool 101

Typically we have an exact day we officially get back to the grind of daily school work so I often have a little surprise for the kids to find when they wake up. I'll also start the day with a big, homemade breakfast along with hot chocolate & coffee (yes, several of my kids enjoy coffee, ha!)

There is also the annual first day of co-op picture taken outside in front of our house (followed by the last day of co-op picture at the end of the year to compare).

I used to take a photo of them all starting their school work when they were younger but now everyone does school work all over the house (and they get tons of pictures taken when reviewing curriculum anyway).

Eek! This photo is from 2005!!! Man have they grown up! (and my kitchen looks SOO different now! Ha!

This year things have really started to change. My oldest (twins) have been working some days during the week so everyone sort of started doing school work at different times so we haven't had one big day to get started. I knew the next 2 weeks were going to be busy for several of them between working and babysitting so this past week we all went out running errands together and stopped at one of their favorite stores to shop (it's a Re-Uzit store, a second hand shop that is huge!) Then I told them to pick somewhere to go for lunch. They all decided they wanted to get subs to take home so we picked up subs at a local pizza joint that also makes them gluten free. Once at home, I got out chips & soda (both rare treats) and they ate their special lunch while watching the Olympics. I'm sure in the coming weeks, they will still want their special big breakfast, which we'll do when everyone's schedule works out.

So while our traditions may change from year to year, we try to do something special to mark the beginning of the school year in some way to make it memorable for the kids. 

Whether you homeschool or your children go outside the home to school, what are some traditions you do each year to mark the beginning of the new school year?

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