Thankful for Friends. . .

. . . who stand by me no matter what! Today is one of those days that would be better ignored due to some sad situations but I have been uplifted in prayer by many, received a few texts that made me smile, had a dear soul sister meet me for a long lunch and came home to find that my best friend sent me gorgeous flowers that will soon bloom. Thank you especially Ashlee and Jes for making me feel special and celebrated today!! It means more than you know!!!

Next time Jes, we SO need to take a selfie together!!! Love you!

A dear friend reminded me of Psalm 37 to read and meditate on. It's been an encouragement to me lately and maybe will uplift you as well!


  1. Sorry that you had some sad situations going on. It's good to have great friends who can lift you up when you need it.

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