Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!

 Jen, Michele & I along with our kiddos got together recently for our typical sisterly get together that we try to do pretty often. Not only is it a fun time for us and the kids just being together & hanging out, but it's also a great time of support being able to talk about Olivia, Hezekiah & Noah and everything that goes along with our situations. It's not only good for us moms, but the kids as well as I know they all can relate to each other & they talk about their siblings quite a bit together too.

Since Olivia's birthday was soon coming up when we were together (her birthday is actually today!) we wanted to surprise Jen & Gwen with a little celebration for Olivia.

Precious Gwen with her sisters cake!

And of course, gotta get a pic of the kids together ♥

Happy Birthday sweet Olivia! I'm sure Noah & Hezekiah are helping you celebrate today! ♥ And much love to Jen, Andy & Gwen as well!

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  1. Thanks girl! I love the pic of Gwen with the cake! Thanks for the remembrance!


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