A week in review w/pics

This last week has been a busy one I guess you could say. I figured I'd sum up in minimal words some of what this last week consisted of, in no particular order.....

~being outside
~bike ride (me yay!)
~fire pit
~St Pattys themed cooking
~birdhouses (assembled & painted)
~hot tub
~64oz of slushy (hmm did that more than once, can't beat $.95 refills!)

In addition, our puppy is housebroken! Several weeks ago, we hung some bells on the doorknob of the door that we use to take Lacey out. We would make her ring the bells with her paw or nose before we took her outside. Last week, we were sitting in the living room when we heard the bells ring. We looked over the railing to the front door and there Lacey patiently sat waiting to go outside! And by golly, as soon as we took her out, she went! Sure enough, she started ringing the bell on her own anytime she wants to go out. So no more of us keeping track of when to take her, she now tells us! She is really smart & we were impressed how quick she picked that up as she is only 15wks old. She also rings the bells when she knows the kids are outside playing & she wants to play as well! haha We are working on coming up with some new things to challenge her with since she is so eager to learn and seems to pick up more complicated tasks.

Now for a few pics to go along with my week in summary.....

The girls long hair before they decided to get it cut.....

Some of the tadpoles before they hatched

A few of the tadpoles after hatching....we have a good 20 or so right now. Hopefully in time I'll have frog pics to share (at least I hope so!)

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~Soren Kierkegaard


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun week! I didn't know you were doing tadpoles! We usually do butterflies but that's not till summer! Gwen would love to see your tadpoles!

  2. That's so cool that you taught Lacey to ring bells when she needs to go out! Love the haircuts, girls! And, have fun with the tadpoles ~ I remember having some of those as a kid... not sure I got to see them turn into frogs, but I honestly can't remember what happened to them! Sounds like a fun week :)


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