Party day 2

So this party thing has been fun! I am enjoying getting to know others and have enjoyed the messages I myself have received on posts, even older ones! I guess I should answer a few more questions, huh?

Be brave – tell us something very random and weird about yourself.

-I don't like drinking out of a glass that someone has touched the rim of. It's not that I am a germaphobe, though I don't like the idea of germy hands. But I also have a very heightened sense of smell and can smell anything! Including a residual scent left behind on a glass.....

What is one of your favorite things to catch a whiff of?

-Speaking of scents....I LOVE anything that is cinnmon based, or like a harvest/spiced scent. YUM! There is just something homey & comforting about those scents. I used to love home interiors apple pie scented candles.

Do you have a strong desire to do something you’ve never done? What is it?

-There's a lot of things I'd like to do, one of the more daring things I want to do is sky dive. Though at this point I told hubby I won't attempt to until the kids are all older. That way if I become a human pancake, he's the only one at home & only has to fend for himself! (I'm totally saying that all tongue in cheek!! I'm not scared to do it, he's just scared I'd be a statistic so I always kid him). Some of my more attainable goals are to bike a century  (100 miles) or more. 8 wks after I had Noah, I did an 81 mile bike race, so one of these days I think that's within reach. I also would like to aim for a half or full marathon. I did a few 5k's while pregnant w/Noah, so maybe someday.

So there ya go, a few more random facts about myself. :)

I was pleasantly surprised on the great feedback I got last week about my cinnabon post (here). I couldn't believe how many people told me (&Kevin) they went out and got supplies to make them! I had a lot of fun doing that & taking pics to share. Sooo with that said, I would like to do that again BUT I am opening it up to suggestions. What would YOU all like to see me make & take pictures of ?(another hobby of mine, photography). My kids got a kick out of it as well and said I should regularly try to do a post like that. So contact me whether through a comment on here, an email or in person & give me a recipe idea. I'll chose something & make it to share here! :) If you live close enough, I may even share a sample with ya!

Since I am being totally random in this post, I just gotta share that I was messing around with some html and came up with a button for my site! I was pretty tickled I managed this on my feel free to take a copy! (hoping that coding works, if someone sees something off, let me know).

"Chances are if your Bible is falling apart, your life is staying together"


  1. this has been such a fun post getting to know other bloggers....loved reading yours

  2. Hi! Visiting from Lynnette's!

    I had to laugh about your phobia about people touching the rim of a glass! After having 3 kids, I have a crazy heightened sense of smell! When I was pregnant with my twins, for DAYS I could smell enchiladas that I had cooked 3 weeks before...and it always made my stomach turn!

    Loved reading your blog!

  3. 5K while pregnant??? I thought I was a real woman for running my first 5K last year at the age of 34! (15 of us made up 3 marathon relay leg was 3.5 miles.) I will start training soon for this year's marathon...I chose a 6.something mile leg. Next year I hope to do the half marathon...if this 6 mile leg doesn't kill me first!

  4. Blog party visit - Hi! Did you see when Michelle Duggar got to sky dive {because it was the first time she wasn't pregnant when some of her family did}. Jim Bob was like..."okay, have fun, we'll take care of all the kids if something happens", that made me laugh. I think I would enjoy it if I were in better shape. I, too, love spicey scents (what I call "kitcheny" scents). I think you did a bang up job on your button. Lisa

  5. I loved your cinnabon post too! I'm afraid to try them though:) Maybe when I have friends over...anyway, I love the idea of your sharing recipes with us. I know you have a ton of awesome ones up your sleeve so bring 'em on, girl! I'll be here enjoying them!

  6. Thanks Teresa!

    Coby, isn't sense of smell crazy? Between that and my innate sense of hearing, I drive hubby crazy at times! LOL

    she, you are da bomb for running like you are, don't underestimate that! And good luck on the 6m! I am jealous! Maybe when I stop popping out babies I will get to do that. Yes, my last 5K was at 29wks prego. I used a belly belt and had a time of 31min. I enjoyed it.

    Lisa, no I didn't see that episode, that is too funny!

    Kat, you were supposed to give me a suggestion! lol True, I do have lots of ideas but I like seeing what others suggest. I taught home ec last year and will be doing so again next school year, so yes, I do have a crazy amount of recipes on hand. ;)


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