I guess I've slacked a bit in posting. So much to share, where to start?

Ever have one of those times when you're going through something that it seems like God is speaking to you through many different outlets at once? Well that's been lately for me. People out of the blue saying something to me that I really needed to hear, my devotions lately especially the one on Psalm 35 talking about being under attack while grieving, then this past Sunday our pastors sermon on friendship ( here's the link to our church's podcasts. The friendship sermon was on March 6th). We even ended the service singing "Lean On Me", it was awesome! It all has been such an encouragement to me as well as the affirmation that I needed to remind me I have done what I can, am on the right path & am right where God wants me. Even if I can't understand it, I know HE is in control and has a greater purpose.

I have felt everyones extra prayers lately, thank you! I had a good couple of days for a change which was SO nice! Saturday a good friend invited me out to lunch last minute which was much needed. Later on, we took our puppy Lacey for a trip to petsmart just to get her out in public as well as used to a longer car drive. WOW did she do SO good. She was awesome in the car and sat perfect between the kids and didn't move. It was so cute!

Sunday I got a break from cooking as we were invited over for lunch to spend a nice, relaxing afternoon as a family. ♥

Monday as always was our homeschool co-op that we all really enjoy. What a great, supportive group of gals I've been blessed to grow close to over the years (this is our 4th year there). And the kids have established some close friends as well.

Today the girls and I got treated to our first ever pedicures by a sweet friend in honor of her daughters birthday. We were so thankful to have been thought of & included! What a fun, girlie afternoon we had together!! (Though poor Erik had to tag along, haha! He is used to it and played games on my phone and got gushed over by all the technicians for being the only boy there). 

And to top of it all off, I was tickled last week to have gotten some great deals! Those of you that know me in real life, know what a bargain shopper I am. We currently have 5 gallons of Ben & Jerry ice cream in our freeze that we only paid $5.98 for. (well, less than 5gl now after the kiddos dug into it). Talk about a deal! You can barely get 2 pints for that much normally. My other deal was a case of Georgio 16" pizzas....worked out to $2.84 for a 16" pizza. They are the best thing next to a pizzeria pizza! I can't even make homemade pizza for that price. So we are down to about 11 of them in the freezer now. Makes for a good meal on movie nights or when the kids/us have friends over.

~People of character do the right thing, not because they think they will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world.

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  1. Yay for deals! And I've been meaning to tell ya--your puppy is the cutest thing ever! So glad you had a good couple of days. Will pray for more of those.


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