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I haven't forgotten you all! We've been pretty busy around here wrapping up our school year (projected time to be done is beginning of May woohoo!) I also have lots of projects I would like to complete...that is, when time allows. We were recently on a wonderful and needed vacation as a family, to warm islands with friends of ours so I have all those pics I want to turn into a neat music video (one project of many anyway).

I recently read a post by my friends at Sufficient Grace Ministries. They have been such a blessing to me in my walk since Noah died. I wanted to share this post as I am sure many of you can relate as well (after all, it always blessed me knowing others felt the same way as myself, knowing I wasn't alone like some tried to make me feel!) I also want to help many of you reading this that you may be given a better understanding of us baby loss mamas. Post can be found here (there are also good sublinks contained in the post). It's my prayer to support other moms like myself as well as educate those of you who haven't walked this path, that there may be more understanding and compassion given to those of us who have had to bury our babies.

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