The things people say to a pregnant mama!

Some days I really wish I had a camera following me around to capture some of the goofy things people (mainly strangers) feel so inclined to say to a pregnant mom. Maybe I just exude friendliness when I'm out and about which makes them forget their filters on what they say to me. Granted, the few things I am going to share probably sounded funnier in person. Ya know, it's one of those things that you had to see the person saying it to you & the facial and voice inflections they gave.

One morning Susan, Olivia and I were at the orthodontist for Susan. The receptionist was making small talk & pointing at my belly she asked if I am hoping baby #3 is a boy. Of course I said this isn't my 3rd and I already do have 2 sons and we'll be happy with whomever baby is. She gave me this look and said well how many kids do you have? I said this is baby #7. Her jaw dropped, she rattled off in spanish then said "girl you are too skinny to have had 7 kids. Me, I've only had 1 and look at me, I'm way bigger than you."

Um thank you?? What do you say other than to just smile & walk away.

Another morning it was just Olivia & I out running errands. The cashier was a gentleman I'd say in his 50's again, making small talk and referenced my belly by first guessing how far along I was (I was further than he guessed). Then he said oh I bet you are hoping your second baby is a boy. I chuckled and said well this isn't my second and I do have some sons (you see where this goes each time). He did a double take and said huh, that can't be. You don't look a day over 21!!!! At this point I'm grinning and said I am way older than that but that made my day, thanks! Then he asked how old I was and how many kids I had and proceeded to seem shocked because I didn't look old enough to have teenagers.

Ok, I'll take it! Comments like that always lift your spirits when they think you look super young.

Recently on another errand I was out on and as I was paying, the cashier said to me "I bet you are due soon", I said yes, my due date is soon coming up. She laughed and said "I figured cuz I can see your belly button popping out through your shirt!!!"

WHAT?!?! I know, crazy huh, that was what she said then she proceeded to laugh afterwards. I just smiled, what else can ya do! And for the record, my belly button popping out isn't THAT obvious.

The other week, I had another 3D ultrasound of baby. Was hard to get a good facial picture because baby's face was squished up again the placenta. But you can see baby has the same chubby cheeks that Noah & Olivia had:

And here is baby from the outside on the same day the other week:

So what's your guess? Boy or girl?

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  1. My guess is a boy as well (I keep checking to see if you've had baby yet)!

  2. You're adorable! The last one is really hilarious-she must have really been inspecting your belly:)I am guessing boy too:):):)


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