Keurig Vue Deal!

I had the chance last week to have some of my dear homeschool friends over for a moms morning out while all our kids played together. I made some baked goods to munch on and we had a new Keurig Vue to brew our coffee or iced tea in thanks to being a host for House Party.
(ignore the quality of the pics, I just quick used my phone)

I made some pumpkin poppers, banana muffins, coffee cake and not shown in the picture but also made homemade cinnabon cinnamon rolls.

Here's a better picture of the Keurig Vue v500

We had a great time of just sitting around laughing and fellowshipping, something I don't get to do as often as I'd like to. I hope to host more of these moms morning outs this summer around some iced coffee maybe (yes, you can make that with this model).

Some features of this coffee maker are that you use a touch screen to do all your selections, you can choose your brew strength (regular or strong), you can select size from 4oz-16oz, the stand pulls out easily to place a travel mug you can brew right into, there's an option to brew over ice (tea or coffee) and also a cafe selection where you can make a frothy cup of coffee. My kids have also enjoyed using it just to heat up water quickly for hot chocolate & tea.

Keurig & House Party gave me some 40% off codes to share with friends and while some of my "in real life" friends have already taken advantage of this deal, I have a few codes left to share so I thought maybe some of my readers would be interested. I have a few left so feel free to email me or leave a comment if you'd like a code for the Keurig Vue v500. They have to be used by the 11th. Once these codes are gone, I have some for 25% off good until the end of May. Regular price is $170, after 40% off it's $101 and free shipping!


  1. Man, ever since Mitch got me my Keurig, I've been drinking way too much coffee. Love it. So cool you get to use the newest version! I'm sure you're lovin' it. Your goodies look pretty dang amazing too.

    1. lol Yes the Keurig makes it WAY too easy to have coffee, or iced tea/coffee! Trying to keep it as a once in awhile treat. ;)


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