Return to Zero

If you've ever read any of my posts concerning grief, you know how I've share that infant death is still such a taboo subject (for new readers, my son Noah died the day after his birth from Trisomy 13). I am grateful for the circles of friends online & in real life that continue to remember Noah and allow me to talk about him but on the whole, I can still see how many sadly avoid that area of my life. And it's not just myself that experiences that, most moms in the babyloss community feel that way as well.

So imagine my excitement a few months ago when I heard that a movie was being made to address infant death. The director of this film, Return to Zero, experienced the stillbirth of his son so he has first hand knowledge of the pain of losing a child. His goal behind this movie is to break the silence of infant death & for those who haven't walked this road, to be given a hard look at just how much the death of a child affects us in so many areas of life.

A first glimpse of this movie and what it is about

I hadn't shared this yet as I was waiting for everything on this movie to go public, but the other month I had the opportunity to get Noah's name in the end credits of this movie along with other babies who have died. I am so excited to know that so many out there will see his name and be reminded he DID live and that because of him, I am helping to break the silence that surrounds so many of us.

In fact, I have joined up in support of this movie and became a local leader as a way to help promote and get word out about Return to Zero (which by the way stars Minnie Driver & Paul Adelstein). This movie has already been made but now it's time to show Hollywood there is a need out there for this movie and that we want it to get in the big box offices for everyone to see. That's where I need YOUR help & support!!

We are asking people to sign a pledge to see this movie when it comes out. We want to try & collect as many names as possible by June 20th. You are in no way bound to anything by signing this. Signing your name only shows your support. Even if you don't think you'll make it to the theater right away & would rather wait for the DVD, that is ok, you can still sign the pledge. If you do sign it (and I hope you will, pretty please!) please put down "Jenn Porsche" as your local leader. My goal is to get at least 100 people to show support but I would absolutely love to exceed that. Noah's 3rd birthday is around the corner, so how cool would it be to get 300 people to show support in his memory!!! (or even more would be amazing!)

So please, check out the video clip then sign the pledge (putting down Jenn Porsche as local leader). Your support of this movie means SOO much to those of us in the babyloss community and especially me personally in honor of my precious Noah. Together, we can help break the silence and help others to know they aren't alone!

Thank you in advance for helping!!

Please feel free to share this post in your social media circles, just another way to help spread the word!

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