Happy 10th Birthday Erik!

 Wow, hard to believe my 4th child has now entered double digits!! Today is Erik's 10th birthday though it just seems like yesterday he was born. He was almost 2 weeks late (was due in April). He said he secretly wished baby #7 would come early & be born on his birthday since he & Hannah are the only ones who don't have a birthday buddy (Kevin & I share a birthday, the twins obviously share one and Noah & Olivia share a birthday, pretty crazy huh?!) While I've had a lot of contractions today, they seemed to have fizzled out.

He had his first birthday party/sleepover last night into earlier today. That was a new experience for us, having a house full of boys but they all had a great time!

So thankful for the blessing of calling him my son. He is incredibly kind, compassionate and full of life! I look forward to seeing where God directs him in the years to come!

Happy Birthday Erik!

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