Garden time!

Finally, we are done planting our garden! Took me a little longer this year as I had some tiller issues so I was about 2 weeks behind schedule. Of course, the weather played a part in it too between some rainy & cooler days we had.

A picture from my 2nd story looking down on our garden. It's hard to tell from here just how big it is. The upper right hand area is my neighbors garden.

For whatever reason, my strawberry roots didn't spread well last year which is why there is a nice thick row at first, then a gap with just another small area down from there. I put more roots in there again so hopefully next year that whole area will be bursting with berries!

The other things that are planted in there are:
24 tomato plants (6 different varieties)
12 pepper plants (3 different colors)
jalapenos (mmm poppers anyone?!)
horseradish root
green beans
Plus we have 2 blueberry bushes as well. I think that's it. For now! haha (though I also have some herbs in a container on my deck). If you can't tell, I LOVE having a garden and being able to have our own fresh produce. I do a lot of canning & freezing over the summer which is why I plant a larger quantity of things. I also spread out some of my planting so I am sure to have a continuous crop (like green beans, zucchini & radishes for example I plant some now, then wait a few weeks and plant some more).

I am thankful my kids enjoy gardening as well! They were a huge help with planting this year as I am slower with squatting and bending right now due to soon having this baby.

Do you plant a garden? If you don't have the space for one, have you ever tried a container garden? What are some things you plant?


  1. We typically container garden. We also have salad tables. Last year we rented a plot garden with a neighbor, but with a little one and a pregnancy, I couldn't keep up. I commend you for being able to do so! This year, we joined a CSA and I'll do herbs in the salad tables. I look forward to following your gardening!

    1. I've heard of the salad tables and they sound pretty neat! I enjoy having a garden as it's a form of therapy for me at times, being out there alone early morning and just being able to grow things myself knowing I am saving a ton of money as well. My girls really enjoy helping with it so I figure it's a double benefit of teaching them the skills. :)


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