Day 4 & 5: Treasured item & Memorial

Day 4 we were to share a treasured item from our child. As I sat and gave it some thought, I can't just pick my most treasured item of Noah's as each and every piece we have is very near & dear to me. They all have a special meaning. From the things Noah physically came in contact with to the items people have given/still give us in his memory. They are all precious & treasured items!!

I decided to just pick out a few things for now to share. Here is a picture of his blanket the kids picked out the week before we had him. I'm so glad they suggested it and I love the wording it says. "Thank Heaven For Little Boys". There is also the hat the hospital gave him that he wore. His clipping of hair we cut, I couldn't believe how long it was in the back!! It was over an inch long. It looks black in this picture but his is brown with blond highlights. I also did a plaster 3D mold of his feet and his one hand. If you were able to see this in person, you can see the outline of his long fingernails and all the creases in his skin.

Day 5: Memorial

This is Noah's headstone we designed and had put in place right before his 2nd birthday this past July. It's something no parent should ever have to do but I am thankful to finally have something permanent there that recognizes his precious life!
Yes, our last name is listed but since this blog is public & for privacy reasons, it's removed in this picture.


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