Days 8 & 10- Jewelry & Symbol

For day 8, we are to share if we have any jewelry in honor of our child. I actually have a few pieces, all necklaces. Though I'd be open to any piece it just so happens this is what I have for now.

This isn't the greatest picture due to the lighting, but the heart on the left is a picture of Noah and I. It has his picture on the other side of it (like the picture on the far right). The next piece I was given by friends, the baby ring as well as the small ring that has Noah's birthday stone. A friend gave me that before I had him and I wore it when I gave birth to Noah & it's in all our pictures together. The next one is Noah's actual footprints (though on a much smaller scale) that a dear friend gave me, it says "fearfully & wonderfully made" with his birthday on the bottom. And my last piece is one that I won in an online auction for Sufficient Grace Ministries & it says "Noah Alexander" on it.

I love wearing one of my pieces of Noah jewelry everyday. I feel like it's one way I keep him close to me.

Day 10 we are to share a symbol or something that represents our child. Long before we knew the gender or what was going to happen, I had picked out a nursery theme. I wanted something gender neutral. I had just gotten the supplies & bedding right before we found out that Noah was going to die. I still wanted to go ahead with my plans for the nursery anyway and I'm so glad I did. 

The thing that represents Noah for us is anything to do with Noah's ark. Not only because of his name, but the theme of the nursery is animals and the promises that God had given Noah in the Bible along with the rainbow after the storm. It all symbolizes our precious son. You'll find lots of different Noah's ark items scattered around our house, both things we've gotten and things others have given us as gifts.

The puzzle in the back is one Susan had done and glued together. And the figurine laying down says "Noah's Ark" with a little ark & rainbow on top (but it didn't want to stand for my picture).

If you are wondering where day 9 is at, it's to be a special place. I don't really have a picture per-say  but if I had to pick a place, the hospital room where Noah was born and then exactly 1 year later on his birthday Olivia was born in that same room, holds a special place in my heart. I think if I ever go back there again, I'd want to be in that same room where Noah spent his life.

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