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In the past, when we've traveled with little ones, we've always brought our stroller(s) along. Our first 2 trips to Disney World, back in '02 and '04, we had 2 small, old strollers we brought along instead of a double as it was easier to gate check as well as haul on & off the Disney buses.

Our 3rd trip to Disney the kids were finally old enough we were able to be stroller free. What a great feeling that was!!!

But alas, our recent trip to Disney that we just returned from a week ago (more about the trip another time), we knew we would need a stroller for our youngest who is 14 months old. I was trying to debate which of my single strollers to lug along. One that I wouldn't care if it got banged up while flying but was also comfortable enough for Olivia yet small enough to fold up compact for all the on & off trips we'd be doing on Disney transportation.

Problem was I didn't really have one that fit the description and wasn't sure what I was going to do. That is until I thought about using a rental company near Disney. During all our trips, I knew there were companies out there that rent strollers and other baby equipment but I never really paid attention to them. I saw great reviews about Orlando Stroller Rentals and decided to contact them to see if they'd be able to help me.

They returned my email promptly and answered all the questions I had. They said they would set me up with City Single Stroller. The reservation process went smoothly and they said all I had to do upon arrival at our hotel was to go to the registration building/luggage area to pick up the stroller. 

We flew down to Orlando with friends of ours who brought their double jogging stroller. I have to say it was nice not having to worry about going through security with our stroller as well as gate checking it then waiting for the airline employees to unload it once we landed. Olivia preferred to be in the sling on me during this time anyway.

Once we arrived at our hotel, the pick up place for our stroller was right where we got dropped off. It was as simple as giving my name to have them retrieve it for me. And let me tell you, I was impressed with this stroller from the very first push! I had seen online prior to our trips how this stroller works so I had an idea of all the features and how to fold it. I loved how easy it was to push with one hand but the selling point on this stroller was the larger than normal sunshade which is a needed thing when you are in the Orlando sun most of the day as well as the easy one hand fold! My older kids were even able to quickly & effortlessly fold the stroller as all you do is pull on a single strap in the seat.

 The back of the seat had a nice large pocket for storing just about anything!

This stroller had a nice large basket.

 They also offer the option of a cup holder with handy pockets.

For extra an extra fee, you can also rent a rain cover. For the time of year we go, we are used to pop up showers that happen so we wanted the rain cover. Go figure, we didn't have any of the afternoon showers we are used to. Though I bet if I didn't have the cover, it would've rained!

The seat reclined far and made a nice area for napping. 

When it was sadly time to leave Disney, all we had to do to return the stroller was to take it back to the same location where we had picked it up at. The friends we traveled with said next time they will rent a double stroller as they really liked the ease of renting from this company and the features this stroller had.

Orlando Stroller Rental doesn't just rent for those going to Disney but also any other area in Orlando that you might be visiting. Check out the different strollers they have for rent, both single & double as well as the pricing listed for the different lengths that you would need it for.

I was provided a stroller rental at no cost to myself in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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