"M" is for My Most Used Kitchen Items

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I love to cook! There are certain kitchen items I use almost every day. Granted, some of these I've only purchased in the last few years as I've saved up for or found deals on. And of course, there are items I would still like to own someday.

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So without further ado, here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets in no particular order as I love them all!

This is one of my more recent purchases. I've been wanting to make "zoodles" for quite some time and since I had a lot of zucchini coming in from my garden, this was the perfect time to try this baby out! I am hooked! Whether you are eating low carb or gluten free, making noodles from veggies is a great alternative to pasta. Watch for an upcoming post solely on my zoodles and some recipes to go with it!

I love my food processor! For the longest time I only had my mini one that I got for $4 from Walmart's black Friday sale (which I still use if I just need something small like 1 onion diced up). But my Cuisinart one can slice anything, grate anything (including cheese) and there is also a dough attachment which is wonderful for making pie crust. No more trying to blend the butter with the flour by hand! Using my food processor makes throwing together a salad super quick!

I drink lemon water almost daily and typically had hand squeezed my lemons. When I finally bought one of these, I realized how much juice I wasn't getting when I just squeezed the lemon by hand. Typically I just use half a lemon in whole big glass of water since I get plenty of juice using this juicer. It also works for juicing limes as well.

While this says it's a mixer, it does SO much more than that! This was one of the things I wanted for the longest time and finally invested in one a few years ago and I'll tell you what, it is well worth the price for not only all that it can do but the time it has saved me as well. It comes with a blade to mix with as well as a beater to say making icing with. It also has a dough hook which is great for mixing up dough (no more kneading by hand!). 

I also bought the attachment pack to go along with my Kitchen Aid. Again, this was well worth the investment! It has a food grinder which believe it or not I have used several times. I've gotten deals on pork roast in bulk that made it cheaper to grind it and make my own sausage. I have also taken leftover ham and ground it to make hamballs. It also has different slicer/grating attachments. Yes I know my food processor does also BUT with my Kitchen Aid, I can do massive amounts at one time. I make my own pickles to can and used to have to slice them by hand. With this attachment, I can fill quarts of sliced pickles in a mere few minutes! MAJOR time saver! I also use the grater attachment when I make my own sauerkraut. It grates a head of cabbage very fast. The third attachment is a fruit and vegetable strainer. I use this for making spaghetti sauce and applesauce. I use to have to use the old fashioned hand strainer which took f o r e v e r!! Now, I can quickly make large amounts of spaghetti sauce and applesauce in little to no time.

making applesauce

I love my bread machine (and while I don't have this exact one as I found mine at a yard sale used, this is pretty close and has the same settings as mine). Yes, I know I could use my dough hook on my Kitchen Aid to knead bread for me, then I would have to let it rise somewhere, then remember when to bake it, etc. With my bread machine, I dump all the ingredients in the machine and it takes care of kneading, rising and baking all with the push of a button. On a hot summer day, I don't have to use my oven to make bread. I also make our own dough for pizza and stromboli and I use my bread machine to knead & rise it. I also love the fact that I can program it. If I know we are going to be gone for the day, I throw the ingredients in in the morning, set the timer to have bread ready when we want to eat.

This is one item I've owned since the day I got married. Granted, I've gone through a few of them over the years but I can't live without my crockpot! I currently have 3 of them, 1 in our camper and 2 different size ones in my house. I love being able to toss things in it early in the morning and have supper already taken care of. Combine a crockpot meal with programming a loaf of bread in the bread machine and you have yourself a super easy dinner!! 

There is no better way to making big batches of pancakes, french toast, fritters, etc than on a griddle! In fact, when I am using this to cook for my family, I use 2 at a time now (I also have one in the camper). Like my crockpot, this is something I will always have on hand as we use it frequently.

This is one of the appliances that gets used pretty much every day. We use it to toast things as well as cook some casseroles in. Mine holds up to a 9x9 size baking dish in it though there are some out there that can accommodate a 9x13 size pan (which is what I will get next time). I like that I can bake in here without having to heat up my full size oven.

Obviously there are other kitchen gadgets I love and use often but these are just a few I wanted to share. What is YOUR favorite can't-live-without kitchen item??

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