Another Great Day!

Well, I was able to "sleep in" till almost 5 am!!! I was still awake around 2am but managed to doze until around 5, which compared to the last few mornings, was considered sleeping in for me. I spent the first part of the morning getting the kids and myself ready for our photo shoot today. We were blessed to be put in touch with an amazing couple, Kevin & Kerry High. They have been down this painful journey of losing a newborn. Kevin is a professional photographer who has been blessed with an amazing talent!

We drove about an hour to meet them half way at a park for our shoot (we unfortunately live pretty far from each other. They are friends of Jen which is how we got in touch). They were simply a wonderful couple!!! Kind, sweet, funny, etc. We really felt at ease with them and they did a great job at engaging the kids and made them feel at home with taking pictures. I am so excited to see the pictures they took as Kevin really did some neat poses with us. If any of you "local" people are looking for a photographer, I can't recommend Kevin enough!!! His personality (as well as his wifes) was amazing and he has such a great eye!!!

They were so sweet and even brought along iced water for everyone. Kerry had picked up on the fact that I like iced coffee and they had that for me too as a treat!!! What a blessing this couple was to us during our time together. They ended our session in prayer that just brought me to tears. In a good way of course!! Again, it's sad that our similar situations is what brought us together, but I was blessed again by how complete strangers reached out to us and we made yet another great friend for life. We share a special bond and are reminded that once again, there is a reason we've all been lead down this difficult road, even if we don't yet understand why. A huge hug and thanks again to Kevin & Kerry for such a great time together this morning!!! :)

This afternoon I decided to finish up Noah's mural. I wasn't letting myself work on it until my homeschool paperwork was done. And I just got my portfolios finshed so I could hardly wait to finish Noah's room. I put his bedding in the washer and got working on the last few animals. And I'm thankful to say the painting is officially done!!!! I quick snapped a few pics of the painting. Tomorrow I will assemble his room and take more pictures. But for now, here is a glimpse.... The first picture takes up and entire wall!

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