I am SOO thankful I've been able to stay really active and feel good up until almost the very end. But boy have I been feeling really pregnant today. The kids & I headed out first thing this morning to do grocery shopping. It wasn't far into it until I really started minding it. My lower back was killing me and I noticed I had the dreaded "penguin" walk. Yup, I think I was sadly waddling due to the pain I was in. (yes, go ahead a laugh!) It took me forever to shop. Of course as we were checking out, Susan reminded me that we forgot to get our eggroll supplies. UGH so back we went to get that stuff since I told them I would make eggrolls this week. It's hard to believe it was only 3wks ago I was out biking 18 miles. And today I could barely tolerate grocery shopping.

My blood pressure was a little elevated when I was done, I think due to being on my feet and in a lot of pain. So I spent the rest of the day doing nothing. Which is SO hard for me! I'm used to being on the go and getting stuff done. And my poor garden, while doing well, is getting over run by weeds because I just can't keep up with it right now. I wanted nothing more than to be out there working in it. I did for a little bit yesterday. I'd sit in one spot, reach everything I could in that area, then move my butt to a new spot, sit and work some more! Yeah, I'm sure I looked funny.

I managed to get a little nap in today. I've been up since 3am (only went to sleep before midnight) so I'm sure the lack of sleep contributed to me feeling kinda crappy today. The kids were wonderful. I got up from my nap to find dishes done, floors swept and clothes folded! And no, I didn't ask them to do that. All I stated before laying down was to not wake me up unless they really needed something (ya know, like someones bleeding, house is on fire, etc). My kids are my rock & I don't know what I'd do without them!!

The kids got out their small suitcase and packed their stuff for the hospital. I guess they figured with how I've been feeling, they want to make sure their stuff is ready. Forget the fact that I haven't even packed yet!!!! It's really special to see their anticipation of me going into labor. Even though they know what's coming, they are still excited and anxious for me to go into labor. I just pray that God grants me the grace of a quick & easy labor knowing everything we have been going through and what is yet to come.

Tonight Erik went to Kevin and said he has something really important he needs to ask him right away. Erik said he wanted daddy to come up to his room so they could talk. Kevin said that Erik asked him that if Noah doesn't make it, can he (Erik) get a balloon and send Noahs outfit to heaven to him. Kevin told him that he will probably want to keep Noah's outfit for himself, but that he could send Noah letters via the balloon. Erik seemed happy with that. Made me tear up when he told me. It's amazing the things kids can comprehend and think of.

It's getting so close now......

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