Today was our typical Friday having both my OB & specialist checkup. The first one was my OB checkup. I was thankful my blood pressure was my normal low for me. I had been monitoring it off and on this week and had a few higher readings which I was attributing to the heat and being in pain. But still, I knew if I got a high reading at my checkup, they would be concerned. So I was glad that was one less thing to worry about.

Last week at my checkup they mentioned checking me this week to see if I was dialated at all. It appeared the doctor wasn't going to do this so I asked about it. She said she doesn't do internals until 39wks. I was 2 days shy of 39wks but she wouldn't budge. I am getting irritated at being told different things each week by people in the SAME practice!!!

Then we headed upstairs to Maternal/Fetal Medicine for our ultrasound. Each week I never know what to expect because they've told us for awhile to expect Noah's health to deteriorate. But once again, my little man had a great report!! He had no hydrops, no heart failure, my anmiotic fluid level looked great and he even looked like he got chunkier!!!! (he better have chunked up considering the way my appetite has been lately & even waking in the middle of the night to eat! LOL) WOW!!! He is just beating the odds so far. We then met with the specialist who is our favorite. He was the one we met with at our first appointment and we really like him. He told us that Noah is still looking really good all things considering. And that he sees no reason why I can't go past my due date as long as both mine & Noah's health is ok. YAY!!!! That's what I've been saying all along, so it was great to have him say it too. Especially considering some of the OB's have just wanted to schedule me for a c-section just to get this all done and over with. So I was thankful to have his backing on this. He really made my day.

Noah once again had his hand by his face. The kids kept telling him he needed to move his hand so we could see his whole face and he eventually moved it! I am sharing part of the video clip we got of him. You can see his arm move, his mouth move, he even opens his eyes and then moves his whole head making it hard for us to see him. And if you compare his arm now to how it looked a few weeks ago, you can see he got chubbier....awww!!!!!! Of course, he didn't leave his arm down for long before he hid his precious face again.

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