Yup, that's me!!! The kids were out drawing with chalk early morning before it got too hot. Erik told me he drew a picture of me. Noah is in my belly, but then my water broke and I went into labor so he also drew Noah in my arms. That boy cracks me up!!! For those that don't know, the kids will be in the room with us when Noah is born, so they are very aware of the entire birthing process as we've been very open with them from the begining. After all, we were planning a home birth.

Erik was hugging my belly and talking to Noah, and he said to us "my eyes get all watery when I'm so in love with something like Noah". Kevin asked him, does that mean your eyes get watery about me? Erik just looked at him, then kinda turned his head and said "Naaa not really". HAHA Gotta love the honesty and thoughts of a child.

Wow less than a week until my due date. It is SO hard to believe. In fact, my first due date had been June 27th, but they changed that early on based on my 7wk ultrasound (it's now July 4th). I've been having more contractions each day that goes by. I admit, I'm getting very nervous lately. It's enough to be anticipating labor and delivery, but then factor in everything else we're facing.....yeah, I'm getting anxious and scared on top of it because we are facing such huge unknowns. This last week, I've only been averaging 3-4hrs of sleep a night if I'm lucky. I am trying my hardest not to think past birth because honestly, it's too overwhelming. But I'm still scared.

Due to my history of going super late with all my kids, I have a feeling Noah too is going to be late (which is a complete miracle considering they keep telling me he wouldn't make it this far). Though I really want to avoid having him on the 4th & 5th. The 5th being Hannah's birthday. Please pray nothing happens that day. Especially if he comes before that, I don't want anything negative to impact her birthday. She has been struggling so much already with losing him, I can't bear the thought of having something happen that day.

Other than having my doctors appts on Friday, this is the first week since last September when we went on vacation, where we've had NO other appointments or obligations at ALL. It seems so weird not to have to be rushing off to something....speech, deaf teacher, babysitting, homeschooling, etc. It's both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the fact that I finally get a break from the rush of things and can just sit and give my body a break. But a curse because I have too much time on my hands and my mind wonders (because I can't do a whole lot physically anymore to stay busy), thinking too far ahead into the future. I am trying SO hard not to think past today. But it's not easy.

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  1. What a special day for your family! The cake is adorable!


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