This morning I laid in bed reading for awhile. A friend was texting me and I didn't think much of it. Then her texts started getting goofy and she asked to borrow my hoe for the garden. I thought well yeah, you can borrow mine but you'll have to wait till I can drive it over. Long story short, I discovered my friend and her helpers were in MY garden at 7am this morning weeding it for me!!!!! WOW what a surprise and such a blessing as I had just said how my garden was being over run by weeds because I was finding it harder to keep up with it right now. So it was nice to see her this morning. We arranged after Susans speech therapy at Schreiber that I'd drop the kids off at her house so they could hang out for part of the day. Thanks again Sharon Garner for your help!!!

As if that wasn't enough, I received a phone call from a lady from our church who wanted to bring over a meal for us to either make then or freeze for another time!!!! A huge thank you to Sharyn Newswanger for blessing us with this meal!!!

I am just so overwhelmed with how people have been helping us lately and meeting needs before we can even ask. I also appreciate the cards & notes, emails/messages, phone calls, etc. I'm sorry if I am not always able to thank each and every person directly, but please know I appreciate everything you all have been doing for us recently. Just continue to keep us in your prayers!

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