Special Friends

Today I had the privledge of meeting 2 wonderful ladies. The day I was presented with the news about Noah's condition, a friend of mine contacted her friend who recently traveled this same road. She immediately contacted me to let me know I wasn't alone and also put me in touch with another friend who also recently went through this same thing. Both Michele & Jen have blessed me with many emails of encouragement and comfort these last few weeks. I honestly don't know what I would've done without both of them.

Michele's son Hezekiah went to heaven 8 days after birth from anencephaly this past January. Jen's daughter Olivia joined him in heaven 6 days after birth from Trisomy 13 this past March. Both these women never met me, but they came along side of me even as they themselves are still healing, to help me along in this journey.

Today we finally all met up in person at Michele's house for the day along with my friend Sharon who had put us all in touch. What a wonderful day it was!!! I felt like I have always known both Michele and Jen. We all hit it off great and our kids all got along wonderfully. It was nice to finally talk to someone who has been through what we are going through now. They know what I'm feeling and could relate and understand everything. And most of all, they both have survived going through everything which gave me the encouragement that I too will be able to pull through. Today was probably the best day I've had since finding out the news. I felt so at home and relaxed with everyone today. It felt good to have others to talk to and be honest and candid with my feelings about everything.

Thank you Michele, Jen and Sharon for taking the time to spend with me today!!!! It meant more than you'll ever know!!! I'm so thankful God brought us together, though I wish it was under different circumstances.


  1. THANK YOU for letting us come along side you. I too wish we had met under different circumstances but our bond is special and I look forward to many more years of walking this road together. I had a great time the other day as well and am reminded by times like that that God is good no matter what!

  2. And now, God is allowing you to be Jen and Michele to me ;)


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