Today was a day full of appointments. We had our first one at 9:15 with the OB practice. Was pretty routine and nothing new. It was nice to meet a different provider. His name was George and he was funny but sympathetic at the same time. I'd love if he was on call when I go into labor.

Immediately after this appointment, we headed across the street to the hospital to have a meeting with the heads of different departments who would be involved in different aspects of our labor and delivery. Our pastor also joined us for this meeting for some extra support for us. I didn't really know what to expect going into this meeting. Their goal was to set up some sort of birth plan and have an idea of our wishes and desires of what we'd like to have happen if at all possible.

Because of Noah's condition, no one can tell us what is going to happen or what to expect. Which makes planning very difficult. There are SO many possible scenarios of things that could happen. And because of that, there are a lot of tough decisions that may have to be made that honestly, I pray I don't have to make. PLEASE pray that we have a normal birth and are not faced with those tough decisions that no parent should ever have to make. This whole process is difficult enough as it is.

I was very frustrated to hear that some of the OB's think I should just have a scheduled c-section. All because it would be convinient for them. If you remember, last week we were told that Noah's abdomen was measuring a little bigger than his head and that this was cause for concern. That I could need a c-section because of this. After our meeting at the hospital, we had our specialist appointment for an ultrasound to check on Noah. I mentioned what we were told about his ab to head ratio. She was very surprised we were told that and opened up my chart and said no, in fact, his ab to head ratio is NORMAL!!!! Oh I was furious!!! Someone either read my chart wrong or was trying to find a reason to "convince" us that I needed a c-section. The tech was also irritated and stated she would be talking to the head of the practice about what we were told. That he has a lot of pull and would take care of this for us. This is precisely the reason when it comes to the medical field that I am a HUGE supporter of being your own advocate. You can not just take blindly what someone tells you. Even if it's a doctor. They are human too. I always do my own research and get a 2nd and 3rd opinion if necessary. I was SO glad we had this practice on our side. THEY have been the ones who have been watching Noah each week and seeing what is going on.

In fact, after being told last week that they won't let me go past 40wks, I've decided I will possibly argue this point. I have a history of going late, and most likely will still go late this time also. If we are both being followed and monitored, and are both doing well, then I see no reason to rush in at the 40wk mark and say I HAVE to have him. I know too well that could lead to even more complications. So I also ask that you pray that God would allow my body to do what He naturally intended it to. I want this whole situation to be in HIS hands!! He has brought both Noah and myself this far for a reason and I want to let Him finish what he has started.

The ultrasound today went well. As we were prepping for it, Noah started really getting active. In fact, you could see all sorts of him protruding from my right side so the tech immediately went there so we could see what he was doing. Here the stinker was rotating himself to face towards my back. And this was after the kids gave him a pep talk saying he needs to show us his face today!!!! So because he turned himself, all we saw was the back of his head, no face shots today unfortunately. BUT he is still looking healthy, no hydrops and his heart still looks good, praise God!!! My little man is still SOO active!!! He is active and stubborn just like me and I hope he keeps that up after he is born for awhile too!!!

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