2 days overdue

Boy has it been a hot one today!! The kids and I stayed home & inside all day. And even at times, I still felt hot with our window a/c's and fans going. But I can't complain, Noah's been poking my right side all day. I don't think he is minding the heat like I am! ha

I spent some time today getting some food together for friends that were coming over. It felt good to do something other than sit around and let my mind wander. Michele's family as well as Sharons family came over to spend some time with us this evening (we missed your family Jen!!) We had a great time just sitting around chatting. I really appreciated the fact they took the time out of their schedules and made the drive to come and visit.

Tomorrow morning I have another doctor visit to get my membranes stripped. I'm getting nervous as I know the time is soon coming when I'll go into labor. The kids bag is packed, mine is pretty much all in a heap still. Guess I keep thinking if I don't pack it, I won't go into labor.

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