Today is the day

I just got back from my OB appointment. My cervix is still 3cm and she doesn't think it's going to change until my water breaks. My blood pressure is also slightly elevated and it's hard to say if it's from my anxiety & being in pain or if it's an indication of anything going on with Noah. She said she'd rather see me go in now and be able to take my time then to develop pre-eclampsia or something else and have to rush to have him born.

I'm still sitting here in shock as I try to soak this all in. I'm disappointed I couldn't spend most of my labor here at home. I'm excited to finally meet Noah but I SO scared of all the unknowns. We are at home right now getting things situated. Ironically my contractions have picked up this morning so I pray that breaking my water does the trick and I don't need to have pitocin.

I have so many thoughts and emotions going through me right now. We are taking the laptop along so when someone is able to, we'll try to update. I am heading in around 11am. Just please pray, we need them now more than ever.


  1. I don't know you guys personally, but have been connected to your story through a friend of a friend :) I will be praying for you today and as you get to celebrate baby Noah. I pray that you have a quick easy delivery and that things progress naturally as you hope for. Plus I pray that you are able to cherish each moment that you have with him. I also pray that your testimony can be shown brightly through him and the time God gives you with him. Already through your blog you have encouraged me and made me appreciate my two kiddos so much more. Each day is a blessing from God!
    Prayers and love are being sent from Indiana today!

  2. I am someone else that you do not know, another friend of a friend of a friend...
    We have been praying for you and will continue, especially today! Thank you for keeping us so well posted, I am checking on you 3-4 times a day! Love from Washington State. Raymie

  3. Praying Jenn and we can't wait to meet precious Noah
    Much love

  4. Hi Jen! You don't know me, but we go to the same church. You may know my parents, Ron and Connie Gehman. Anyway, I have been following your blog recently and I too have been checking it several times a day to see how things are going for you. My heart aches for you and your family. I have been encouraged by your faith and it's my prayer that the Lord would work in you in a mighty way today as your journey comes to an end. I pray that you would feel the prayers of all these people.. People you know and people that you have never met. I pray that you would feel the hand of God upon you, holding you, comforting you, and providing you the strength you need to make it through today and every day. God Bless, Heather Gerhart

  5. Praying for you Jenn, and for your husband and children and entire family...

    Praying this morning for the nurses who will be taking care of you, that they will be filled with care and compassion and knowledge...

    For the doctors to be caring, understanding, and respectful of all that you and your husband desire out of this labor and delivery.

    And praying for Noah. Who is a gift to you from the Lord....

  6. Praying for you too. You don't know me but I know Michele's mother-in-law from church, and I have friends who just lost their precious son to Trisomy 13 a month ago.

  7. Thinking of you and your family at this special albeit difficult time. Prayers for a quick and easy labor and delivery.
    I was tempted to call up the nurses, nurse manager, and Women's Place director (who I know) to remind them to treat you well! But it's not like I have all that much influence there.

    Blessings to you cousin.

  8. We welcomed Sarah into this world six years ago today. Kim had Conner five years ago today. I pray that today is a joyous day for you as well. I pray that Noah is the survivor we know he can be.


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