Saw the midwife this morning and unfortunately even after all these contractions, my cervix hasn't changed since Friday. I am still 2cm so she stripped my membranes again and said I was more like 3cm after that. My contractions are still between 8-20 minutes apart right now and are definitely stronger and lasting longer than they were Saturday. Noah's head isn't on my cervix like it was last week so that may be playing a part in why I'm not progressing like I should be. She said they would admit me whenever I want, but I honestly don't want to be in the hospital longer than needed.

So for now, the kids & I are at home and I told Kevin just to go to work. I guess I'm just going to try and do things around here to keep my mind off things. I am just feeling discouraged, after all this, I thought he'd be here by now. If he doesn't come today, I will go back in and have them strip my membranes again early tomorrow morning and we'll go from there. I just pray he comes on his own soon or they will want me to pick a time to be admitted to have my water broke. I just really don't want to have to pick a time or have any interventions. I just really desire to have everything continue naturally.


  1. Jenn - Thank you for keeping everyone posted on here even with all that you are going through! I keep thinking (and praying) about all of you and I find myself checking this blog every few hours to see how things are going. Hope things move along today for your sake. ~ Karen (@ SPRC)

  2. We are friends of Kevin and Sharon and are praying for you and your family and little Noah. Know you are continually in our prayers!


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