I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers, encouraging words, support, etc. I can't begin to thank each of you or express just how much it has meant to our family. I admit it has been a tough week. I haven't been up to really talking or writing much lately. But I wanted to at least post and let you know even though I'm not up to much right now, I've still been reading your words of encouragement. And I will soon try to share Noah's birth story as well as other details and the video I made for his memorial service. Please continue to cover us in thoughts and prayers in the coming days, weeks and months as I know this is a long journey. God bless you all for being there for us!


  1. I'm really glad to "hear" from you. I'm sure everyone understands you need time to yourself and alone time with the kids and Kevin.
    Know that we're thinking of you.

  2. Don't worry about it. We understand. I'm glad you know that we all love you, Kevin, and the kids and are here for you no matter what. We Junebug moms stick together through the good times and the bad. I am, and we are all, here together.


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